Friday, October 18, 2019

Pampered Chef Fundraiser

Hello Alvirne Music Families!
My name is Emily Shuman and it’s my pleasure to offer this fundraising opportunity. I am confident that Pampered Chef’s reputation and quality products will help you succeed in reaching your goals. Pampered Chef provides a DOLLAR for DOLLAR VALUE, meaning costs are not inflated to fund the event. You, your friends, and your family shop from the exact same catalog as a cooking show.

The easiest way to increase sales is by forwarding this link: (case sensitive)

to at least 20 people in and out of state via e-mail, Facebook, text, or by phone asking them to look at the online catalog. You can invite them right from the web link above.
Next start passing the catalog, found in your packet, around to neighbors, co-workers, family & friends locally. Remember FRIENDS of FRIENDS can order too... think offices, churches, and the gym... anyone who eats!! 75% of the Pampered Chef catalog is products under $30.00, so there is something for everyone.

For more detailed information read the full welcome letter at this link:
Introduction Letter about the Fundraiser

Download the Outside Order Form 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Band Camp Volunteers Needed
We are in need of parent volunteers to help throughout the week as well as donations of water bottles and fruit.  All volunteer slots are posted using our Charms software.  

Band camp is in 10 days and we are in desperate need of volunteers to help out with keeping the kids hydrated and cool. If you're available any day or time the week of band camp. Please sign up on CHARMS or you can email me at You don't need to be there all day, even if it is only for an hour. We could really use the help.

If you can't attend band camp, you can also help just by donating cut up oranges, watermelon slices, or just bunches of bananas. It would mean a lot to the kids.
We also need cases of bottled water for the kids when they march in the parades.

Thank you,
Dianne Vermette FOM secretary

To signup for a slot for Bandcamp or any other Band activity:
  1.  Go to the AHS Music Website (, 
  2. Click on the Calendar Link  You will see the list of events. 
    Any event needing volunteers will have a Rainbow Hand 
  3. Click on the hand and then enter your information next to the slot you'd like to help with.

Information Packet & Forms Needed for Band Camp

Below is an information packet for 2019-2020 Band.  In this packet, you will find:
  1. Information regarding Band Camp, uniform fittings, summer rehearsals, and summer parades
  2. The complete Band schedule for the year (including all marching band commitments as well as Concert Band events)
  3. Instructions for joining Remind.  Remind is my primary communication tool.  If you have already joined one of these groups, you do not need do so again. 
  4. Forms for band camp, including:
    1. Meal Form (optional)
    2. Health Form (mandatory – and extremely important!)
    3. Uniform Contract (mandatory)

Please return the three forms listed under item #4 above as soon as possible (before mini band camp on August 8, 2019).

I do recognize that a packet like this contains a lot of details to receive all at once, but it is important that you have the necessary information.  As always, if you have follow-up questions or concerns after reviewing this packet in its entirety, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Rob Scagnelli

Download the Information Packet & Forms