Monday, August 6, 2018

Band Camp Theme Days

August 13th - August 18th
8:00am - 4:30pm

Monday is Mad Monday
How crazy can you be? Mix and Match to come up with a wacky mad outfit for the day. Your squad earns points based on participation so get your crazy on!

Tuesday is Tie-dye Tuesday
Wear your favorite tie-dye items, don't limit it to shirts, tie-dye socks, bandanas, etc...those count too!

Wednesday is Wild West Wednesday
 Get out your bandanas and plaid shirts. Have a cowboy hat - be sure to wear that too! 

 Thursday is Theme Thursday
Don't forget to check with your squad on your theme! How creative can you be?

 Friday is Class Color Day
Tradition stands - be sure to show up in your class colors! This is the last day of Band Camp!! 

Seniors - Pink, Juniors - Purple, Sophomores - Red, Freshman - Green, Staff - Yellow