Sunday, February 12, 2017

School Daze Week of 2/13/17

THAT'S RIGHT- We live in New Hampshire and it's winter time which equals Nor'Easters (sometimes more than one in a a 10 day span).

This week sure did rake havoc with educational instruction. The little amount of time we had in class was precious but all the work done when we don't have "Delayed Openings" and "School Closings" paid off!

The Alvirne High School Jazz Band had a GREAT weekend.

Friday Night we performed at the  Souhegan Jazz Night II. This was our 15th out of 16 seasons performing at this event - what a great tradition and experience for everyone involved.
Thank you, once again to my good friend Carl Benevides and the Souhegan Music Department for a night of live music featuring the Windham Jazz Band (1st appearance) great job done by these students, the Souhegan Jazz Band - always a stellar performance, the Alvirne Jazz Band ( no brag, just fact - we were goooood) and Scott Mullett Quartet out of Boston.
Seeing the pros is so inspiring to our students regardless if they are to make music a career. The biggest lesson - APPRECIATION of America's music- Jazz!  
Thank you to our parents who came out to support their student musicians and particularly to Mary Joy Gasdia for the great photos and Mrs. B for the Video ( I'll be posting some clips later today maybe :-)).

Last night, (Saturday Feb. 11) was the "Maiden Voyage" of what we would like to continue for all high school student musicians around the Greater Nashua Area - a Jam Night with a featured high school and maybe a middle school  jazz band (or two).
Special thanks to Scott and Cindy Hicks for spear heading this endeavor. It was definitely a success for the "first time" out. The smiles on our student musicians faces said it all!
Thank you to our alum Kyle Lambert and Jake Galloway. Great seeing alum "giving back" and being an inspiration to those students who aspire....
Great meeting Simon White from Nashua North (a killling tenor saxophonist) and to everyone else who joined the "jam portion".  I apologize to the young man who sat in on the drums, old age has made me forget his name. Hopefully, Scott Hicks will read this and send me an email. Thank you to  the clarinet players who joined in. I told them next time I want to hear some soloing "a la Benny Goodman".   A host of auxiliary percussionist (even from the audience) was an extra added feature.
Other kudos go to Sophia Garas for sitting in at the piano and Jake Apitz for scatting to "All of Me".
Mr. Pinard and Mr. Levesque showed their virtuosity on the guitars - great hearing adults still enjoying the love of music and soloing ideas. The special part of this evening was seeing the Dads and their kids on the stage together.  Keep those memories!
Mike Gallagan - thanks for being there to support ! YEP, we're going to do an "open mic" night for our choral students as well. So much more to do- my brain never stops!!!!

Once again, Mary Joy Gasdia and Kim Gush for posting pictures and some video clips. Mrs. B, who manned the video camera for the entire 2 + hours of music. NOW, I need to figure out how to take everything off the camera and down load it on You Tube without making it tooooo long.
Looks like this will be a busy day in-between working on Cabaret, Disney, snowplowing, face timing with those special girls of ours :-).

Looking forward - Cabaret is approaching quickly. Tickets will be going on sale NEXT WEEK! The plan will be to get the information out to everyone by the weekend. Cabaret AD sales are down by $6,000.00.   PLEASE get out there and sell. If you are holding on to Cabaret ADs bring them in! February 23 is the DEADLINE.

Speaking or should I say writing about deadlines- 

DISNEY - Don't forget to keep those payments up to date. It saddens me that I will need to be the bearer of bad news to those who are not up to date.  Presently, your balance should be no more than $700.00 - Chaperones, that includes you!
Remember, you can make payments via paypal. If you have forgotten how, please send an email to Anne Boulia ( she is the treasurer and very helpful with walking you through the CHARMS accounts and payments.

I would also like to remind everyone that Thursday evening (Feb. 16 @ 6:30 p.m.) is the incoming freshman first night. If you have an 8th grader or you know of someone in your neighborhood who will be coming up to Alvirne next year please remind them of this all important informational evening.
 I will also be handing out information for those 8th graders who wish to join band next year! We'll have our own evening as there is a lot to cover.

OK - the stream of consciousness must move on to other things on the "to do" list.
Have a great weekend, stay warm, dry and SAFE.

Mr. B