Monday, May 30, 2016

Alvirne High School Friends of Music - Elections

Good Evening Everyone,

On Thursday, June 2, 2016 the Alvirne High School Friends of Music will be holding officer elections for the 2016-2017 school year.

The following is the slate of candidates  running for office.

President - Wendy Hennessy

V. President of Operations - Norm Dube

V. President of Fundraising - Sharon Cote

Treasurer - Anne Boulia

Secretary  - Sue Bistany

There will also be a vote on a By Law Change. Please read below.

Thank You!

Mr. B


Proposal of a change to the By-Laws of Alvirne High School Friends of Music to add a new elected position called Assistant/Successor Treasurer regarding the Treasurer position (ref. 3.2.4 page 4) to the E board.

The E board proposes that we add a new position to enable a shadow year for the Treasurer position of the AHS-FOM Eboard.  A shadow year will allow the general body to elect 2 Treasurer Positions, a Treasurer and an Assistant/Successor Treasurer in a year when the current Treasurer will be leaving the organization at the end of the next school year.    The purpose of this change is to have continuity of the position and an ease in transition when the Treasurer leaves at the end of their term. 
During a shadow year the Treasurer will continue to perform all the current duties as specified in the by-laws (ref. 3.2.4) but will also train an Assistant/Successor to take the place of the Treasurer at the end of the acting Treasurer’s term. 
The duties of the Assistant/Successor Treasurer will be:
a)      Shadow the Treasurer in a year when the current Treasurer will be leaving the organization at the end of the next school year.
b)     The Assistant/Successor Treasurer will not have the ability to sign checks
c)      The Assistant/Successor Treasurer will not be able to make entries in Charms or perform any duties of the Treasurer without the supervision of the current Treasurer.
d)      The Assistant/Successor Treasurer will not speak on behalf of the Treasurer or Eboard to the general body unless written permission by the current Treasurer is given prior to. 
e)     The Assistant/Successor Treasurer will have a seat with voting rights during Eboard meetings.
If during the shadow year the Assistant/Successor Treasurer feels that they will be unable to fulfill the Treasure’s duties in the successive year.  They must notify the Eboard immediately so that another Assistant/Successor Treasurer can either be appointed by the President of Alvirne High School Friends of Music (pursuant to By Law 3.2.1 letter b of the President’s duties) or, if there is time, hold a special election for a new Assistant/Successor Treasurer.   The acting Treasurer will have the opportunity to continue in their elected position until that time when a new Treasurer can be appointed or elected.