Friday, July 25, 2014

BACK ON THE BLOG with Mr. B 7/25/14

Hi Everyone,

It's been quiet a while (Jan. 28, 2014) since I last posted anything. Please accept my apologies.

 The summer has been quick and its time to get ready for band camp!

This year's show is a  "Salute to the Rock Band STYX" (Re Mix).  Why did I add to the title  -Re-Mix because the Alvirne High School Bronco Marching Band and Colorguard did a similar show during the 2001 marching season and Mrs. B and I enjoy their music tremendously - GREAT summer concert memories!

The first order of business is SQUAD LEADERS!

CONGRATULATIONS  on being selected!

This year, we had 44 applicants and along with the drum majors the decision was made to have co-squad leaders for each squad, allowing for maximum instruction in explaining, demonstrating and summarizing the all important techniques during marching season. 
If you attended the last "Optional" summer rehearsal on July 23, you were given The Squad Leader Handbook to study in preparation for the upcoming squad leader camp on August 5 from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. If you did not attend please check your USPS mail for a letter of acceptance.
 I will also include the book on this website as a PDF file once I figure out how to do that :-)
 It is expected that ALL squad leaders will familiarize themselves with the process that has been well explained in the handbook.

As a squad leader it’s imperative that you lead by example. The first example would have been to attend as many “optional” summer band rehearsal as possible and making certain that you know your music by heart. I wish to thank those students who did that!

You will be quizzed on the handbook material during squad leader camp. A minimum grade of 80% is required to continue in this leadership position.  Squad leaders will come under greater scrutiny this year as we want to get our band to the next level of EXCELLENCE.  

If the drum majors or I feel that your leadership as a squad leader is not meeting expectation then you will be asked to step down.  

Please take this very important leadership role seriously. If you feel that you cannot commit to the fullest then don’t hesitate to let us know. The fact that you are willing to take on a leadership role speaks volumes of who you are!

You will need to notify one of the drum majors by email and/or text no later than Wednesday July 31, 2014 if you do not wish to continue the process as a squad leader.

Heather Hotham – email:
Jacob Baker –email:
Dena Hoffman –  email:

Thank you for your time, effort and commitment to your band.

Mr. B and The Drum Majors