Monday, October 21, 2013

A Message from our principal Steve Beals.

Dear Parents,  Marching Band  and Colorguard Members,

As you are aware there were some issues at the Friday Night Football game. Mr. Beals, our principal sent an email to myself and Karen Bonney, our Athlettic Director  asking us to share this information with all of you. 
Below is the email.

Also, we did receive a response from Mr. Corbin, NHIAA Executive Director which is included at the end of this informational blog

Dear Parents,

I am writing to you as a follow up to our most recent and final home football game last Friday night.  During the first quarter, the coach from Nashua North informed the side judge (official) that the AHS band was too loud and was affecting their ability to snap the ball and gets plays onto the field.  The situation happened again in the second quarter, as which time the side judge called timeout and informed the head referee (white hat), who proceeded to the sideline to speak with our band director,  Not knowing who Gerry Bastien was, he first spoke with FOM parent volunteers in their maroon band jackets.  In essence, the decision was made that the band could not play freely as they have in every other game. 

This situation caused significant frustration from our own coaching staff and to me as we were not only celebrating our final home game (home field advantage), but also our final band marching show and step up night with an additional 75 middle school student musicians.  My argument with the side judge proved fruitless as I was informed the band could move to the bleachers to play, play only when the visiting team had snapped the ball or we could move the band to another location in either the end zone or the far side of the field.

Following the half time show and third quarter break, I asked Gerry Bastien to have the band move to the hillside and play for the fourth quarter.  Moving 200 band students and instruments through a small gate, was clearly not my best decision of the day, but our band students and all involved with our program showed their flexibility.  Later over the weekend, I learned that the Londonderry High School band was also shut down from playing in their respective football game against Manchester Central

As we move forward, I will be contacting the NHIAA, to which I am a member of their Executive Council to ask for clarification on band participation at games.  The NHIAA Football Policy and Procedure Manual states the following regarding bands:

XIV. BANDS (page 7)
A. Bands will be allowed free admission to the games in which their team is competing only when accompanied
by an Advisor.
B. Bands will be assigned a seating location by the Game Director. An advisor must be with the band at all
times they are playing.
C. These instructions apply to ALL tournament games played under the direction of the NHIAA Football
D. At games played at the site of the higher seeded team, the Game Director shall direct bands to the proper
seating arrangements.
E. Game officials shall be notified is it appears that a band is attempting to deliberately interrupt the momentum
of the game.

Sportsmanship is an important aspect of high school athletics and as such, I wanted to ensure that all band and football parents were equally aware of the situation from last Friday.  Once again, our band was shut down by the game officials at the request of the visiting team.  I am thrilled that the football team has become competitive throughout the season with many positives including new offensive formations and tailgating after each home game.  Likewise, we all know that the Marching Broncos remain a source of great pride for all of us and the community. 

Hope you all have a good week,


Steve Beals, Principal
Alvirne High School
Office 886-1260 x 2509
Cell 809-7998

Pat Corbin, NHIAA Executive Director, answer Mr. Beals. Here is  a quote from that email.   
"bands are aloud to play at anytime during the game unless deliberately just making noise to disrupt the other team"