Sunday, November 4, 2012

School Daze Week of 11/5/12

The first quarter is coming to a close! That's right, Wednesday November 7, 2012 ends the quarter.
I am busy reading the remainder of 120 critques from the Salem Band Show. This critique was a major SMA for 200 points towards Competency 3 (Analysis).  Competencies in band are open all year. If your child is one  who can't remember to hand in the practice log, please a little encouragement on your part would be appreciated.

November performances: 

November 8- The B Naturals will be performing at BAE System in honor of Veterans Day.  Mrs. Beaton will be addressing the particulars

November 23 -     Hudson Welcomes Santa Claus and Tree Lighting (optional)

  • The band will play at this annual event on the Hudson Common. This is not a required performance (volunteers only). Wear warm clothing and arrive at the town common by 3:30 p.m.  Newbies - This is a lot of fun especially if it snows. The performance is usually over by 4:10 p.m. as Santa lights the commons to the mellifluous sounds of "Hear Comes Santa Claus!". Alumni, you are more than welcomed. Come by to celebrate the beginning of the 2012 Holiday Season Bronco style!

November 24 -   Greater Derry/Londonderry Chamber of Commerce Parade (graded event)

  • Band and Colorguard students need to report to Alvirne at 11:00 a.m. The parade steps off at 1:00 p.m. and works it's way up Main St in downtown Derry finishing up at the Hood Plaza. We will be returning no later than 3:00 p.m. 
  • Performers please dress warm!  Drum line and Front Ensemble dress in elf costumes and band members my decorate their instruments and wear "festive" hats, "battery operated"Rudolph noses etc. Don't forget to purchase "Spirit Fingers" to keep your fingers nice and warm during the parade!

November 28 -  The Alvirne Jazz Band will be performing at Barnes and Nobles in Nashua

  • This is a performance fundraiser event from 6;00 p.m.-7:30 p.m. please come back often to the website for details starting this week.
Regarding Fundraisers - if you were unable to attend the Friends of Music general meeting this past Thursday (Nov. 1) there was a lot of information with regards to up coming fundraisers and the Holiday Pie delivery.   Click on the TAB "Fundraisers" to find out specifics.

Freshman parents - remind your students to "sign up" for leaf raking! This is a great way to put "easy money" into their trip scholarship accounts.  I might add that Friends of Music (yes that is every parent who has a child in a choral or instrumental performance group)  offers many ways  for students to raise money so they can help you meet the financial obligation of the trip.  Monies raise also help with the general fund which goes towards various projects to help sustain a healthy music program.

Well, it's time to bid everyone adieu and get back to reading critiques. I wish everyone the best this week. Alvirne will be buzzing with "Spirit Week". Remind your students that practice logs are still due as well as any other homework assigned by their classroom teachers.

Come back often and check out the various aspects of the website.


Mr. B