Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to utlilize site

 Hi on line shoppers and FOM supporters!

 I was having difficulty going through our portal to make certain that FOM received the credit - so I emailed Maria Griggs and this was her reply. This is very important if you want FOM to receive the credit your manager must be or FOM will not receive the credit.
Please pass this information to everyone and thank you in advance for shopping on line, through the portal and supporting the endeavors of the Friends of Music.

Mr. B


You have to dump your cookies (really, no joke) before you try it again.  Because Safari will store the LAST url you went to and will default to it.  So, first change your HOME PAGE to google or yahoo, secont - if you know how to delete the “internet browsing history and delete cookies” then do that and then enter or click on this link AFTER you clean everything up.

Once someone has registered in the site, it doesn’t matter if they go to just – it will ALWAYS take them to where they were REGISTERED as a customer!  The issue is to get each person to register as a CUSTOMER of !