Monday, October 29, 2012

School Daze Week of 10-29-12 -Call It Stormy Monday!

T Bone Walker said it best  "Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)" hopefully not!
 I figured I would try to get the blog out before we lose power (though that has happened once so far).

 A little review from the past week.  
I would like to start off by thanking all the parents who came by on Thursday (Oct. 25) for parent conferences. It was great "catching up" with senior parents, and reminiscing in 5 minutes the last 4 years. Sophomore and Junior parents thank you as well for stopping by and making certain your student musician was handing in his/her practice logs.  I was certainly pleased with the number of Freshman parents who showed. Please continue to be a part of your child's life!

The final band and colorguard performance on Friday (Oct. 26) was very memorable. Not only was it our Halloween celebration but more importantly "Senior Night".  We started off with pictures of the band and colorguard members with their parents. You couldn't see it from the stands but we had many emotional seniors in the staging area before the final show!

I would like to give another "Shout Out" to our senior band and colorguard members
Katherine Abbott, Amanda Arnoff, Amanda Ashcraft, Tia Avila, Patrick Barry, Allison Bickford,
Josh Carter, Mike DeMinico, Vincent Dupont, Matt Gleason, Mariah Goulet, Ashley Guy,
Heather Hardy, Tara Hardy, Kamau Higgins, Chris Jeffrey, Cody Knapp, Macenzie Lacaillade, 
Andrea Laine, Tristan Lindsay, Matt Martin, Jade Martineau, Cam Mcnall, Erica Notini, 

Melanie Nute, Rachael Paladino, Kim Reed, Cody Jay Rice, William Rivera, Terry Rosenberg, Sarah Rossetti, Christina Salati, Henry Scafidi, Travis Simoneau, Brendan Smith, Colby Stoughton, Thanakorn Thaibandit,               Nick Trowbridge, Katie Woolsey and Rob Zaker.  

I do have a bit of bad news. I made a big faux pas and did not lock the truck when parking it in the driveway. You guessed it - the truck was opened and the camcorder was taken, along with my Dunkin Donut change stash and (I hope you 're  sitting down)  - my disco costume that Mrs. B made! Needless to say I was very angry with myself and disappointed at how society is today!  Those memories of our last show, are lost from the vantage point of the announcer's box and knowing Mrs. B she did a close up of every senior dancing to "The Hustle", writing this makes me more sad :-(

Trying to stay positive - on Saturday (Oct 27) was the NHMEA Jazz All State Auditions. This year, the Alvirne High School Music Department was represented by 12 instrumentalist and 17 vocalist.
Best of luck to the following:   Steve Caporale, Tim Duffy,  Vince Dupont, Mariah Goulet, 
Aaron Gregorzewski, Christina Guessferd, Nick Iannaco, Gurbir Kalsi, Cody Knapp, Henry Scafidi, Thom Woolsey, Rob Zaker, Rochelle Choiniere, Caleb Dyer, Jana El Sayed, Kurtis Garnick, 
Heather Hotham, Andrew Kraemer, Allison Lantagne, Tayla Lemieux, Mirra MacDonald, 
Nick Masson, Samantha Migneault, John Mileski, Hannah Noonan, Ben Pollack, Brianna Thompson, Joseph Wedge and Samantha Weis. Results should be coming via email before the end of the week.

 Practice logs for period I and J are on EDLINE and the jazz band assignment for this week has also been uploaded. I continue to write college recommendation and hopefully (weather permitting) will have another 3 up on Naviance before the end of the night. 
 On Thursday (Nov. 1)  select members of the B Naturals will be heading to Plymouth State University for the All New England conference and performance.
Thursday night (Nov. 1) is the FOM general monthly meeting. This meeting will be covering some details on the chorus and band trip as well as  upcoming fundraisers such as leaf raking and the ever favorite Holiday Raffle Calendar fundraiser. Holiday Pie deliveries are slated for November 15 so please mark your calendars as these are frozen items and need to be picked up that evening. Look for an email blast within the next couple of weeks.

In case you have misplaced your "original" instrumental calendar - the following performances are slated for the month of November.

November 23 - Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony 4:00 p.m. at the Hudson Common.
  • This event is optional! Band students will meet at the Hudson Common and perform various holiday traditional carols while awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus. Let all your family, friends and neighbors know - it's a great way to bring in the Holiday Season   
November 24 - Greater Derry/Londonderry Holiday Parade Step off time is 1:00 p.m.
  • This event is graded! There will be a separate blog with specific information coming soon 
November 28   - The Jazz Band will be performing at Barnes and Nobles in Nashua. Again, check out the website for more details.

Well, I've lucked out and we haven't  loss power but I don't want to tempt fate! So, I'll bid you all adieu and hope that everyone stays safe and warm!


Mr. B