Friday, February 24, 2012

Munich Day 1 February 24, 2012

Guten Tag,

It is now 7: 20 p.m. Munich time. Our flights went extremely smooth. There was one little mishap in Manchester going to Philly. In all the excitement one little cherub forgot his coat in the boarding area. He asked someone else if they picked up his coat she said NO!  Mr. Bastien then tried to get off the plane after the door was closed and secured to retrieve his coat :-) The stewadess kindly stopped him and phoned the boarding desk to which they replied, the coat was on it's way. Many passengers suggested that Mr. B buy a round of diet cokes for everyone and with a sheepish grin Mr. B returned to his seat.
The flight from Philly to Munich was uneventful. The plane was not full, the food was pretty good and the selection of TV and Movie programming kept everyone entertained.

Our flight landed in Munich 1/2 hour ahead of schedule. Going through customs was easy and everyone wished us well as our shirts gave it away that we were here to perform as the Alvirne High School Jazz Band. Students met with the host families and as of this writing are enjoying a free weekend getting to know their host and the customs of the country.

Did you know if you fly US Air Machester one of the ladies behind the counter is a 1982 graduate of Alvirne High School?  I met a TSA agent who is a parent of a former student of mine. Chase also had a connect wth a TSA agent who was an old neighbor. Vinnie and Eric ran into friends of their sister when she went to PMA.  Just a couple of tidbits as we begin our unforgettable journey!

I will try adding pictures tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Mr. B