Sunday, January 29, 2012

Semester II - Jetzt geht's los! Part II

Sunday, What a beautiful day today! It's especially great because I'm listening to Tower of Power's  40th Anniversary CD, so if my writing gets a little manic it's because I'm movin' and groovin' to T O P  and SOUL with a capital S !

Hopefully many of you know that we are in the middle of our campaign to sell ADS for our Cabaret Weekend March 31- April 1.  This year's theme is "Made in America" with the focus being very Americana. I know that Diane Sawyer is doing a segment on ABC news but I had the idea first - if you attended last year's cabaret "Viva Las Vegas" you heard the announcement. So take that Diane :-)

If you wouldn't mind us borrowing your "Underwood" manual typewriter, if you know of someone who has a wringer type washing machine, a radio flyer wagon...anything that was made right here in the good 'ol USA we do need props.  In fact, if you could help us with decorations that would be great!
Other items that we are looking for: uniforms from each branch of the service. We presently have the Air Force, but we are still looking for Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. A rotary type telephone (black if possible). Think back, maybe you have or know of someone who has that special item.
Again,  for more information and specifics please  contact Mr. and Mrs. Ouellette.

In case you are unable to attend the monthly FOM meetings - (REMEMBER, if your child is enrolled in a performance group, you are a member of  Friends of Music) and were not aware of what is going on regarding AD sales and fundraising for this event here is the information that went home with your child before the end of the first semester.  The complete information and forms  will also be found in a tab at the top of the ahsmusic. org web page shortly.

                                                              Cabaret 2012
                                                          “Made in America”
                                                    31 March and 1 April 2012
                                                        Cabaret Ad Book Sales

Attention all Music Department Students,

An annual fundraising activity is selling ads for the Cabaret program book. This is an excellent opportunity for you to earn money for your personal account (60% of the amount you sell goes into your account) which can be used to offset costs for your trips.

The following is the price list for ads:

Personal (One-line message)        $3.00
Business Card – standard card is approx. 2.0 by 3.0 inches.      $30.00
Half (½) Page   4.25 inches wide by 4.0 inches tall     $60.00
Full Page   4.25 inches wide by 8.0 inches tall    $120.00

1.    These prices are less than most fundraising organizations. We have selected these prices in order to increase the volume of ads and to make it a little easier for you to sell ads.

2.    Checks are to be made payable to AHS-FOM

3.    You may use this notice as proof of your representing the Alvirne High School Friends of Music in this fundraising activity.

4.    Ad sales begin December 16, 2011.

5.    All ads must be submitted to either Mr. Bastien or Mr. Ouellette no later than Friday, 9 March, 2012 (no ads will be accepted after close of school on March 9). We need to provide sufficient time to complete the book and for the printer to get it printed, stitched, and trimmed.

6.    All ads MUST be submitted with the Ad Book form completed. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will not accept ads without the completed form. You may make copies of the form or see Mr. B. for more forms. Please remember to provide the ad material with the ad form and money. One ad per form.

7.    All personal ads must be submitted using the personal ad form. You may make copies of the form or see Mr. B. for more forms.

8.    All ad material must be provided with an ad form and the check or cash. No Exceptions. Please remember to provide the ad material with the order form. (one ad per form) Every year students hand in the form and money but forget to provide the business card or other ad material. Describe the material provided e.g.: business card, paper ad, CD, etc.

9.    For the benefit of potential customers the ad book will measure approximately 5.25 inches wide by 8.25 inches tall. But the actual full-page printable area is 4.25 by 8.0 inches. This allows for proper fit and trimming.

10.    A one-line message is $3.00. The ad should be no more than 65 characters. If anyone wants a more extended message, you can sell a business card ad space for $25.00. This size will allow up to 250 characters.

11.    Take advantage of selling the one-liners. They are only $3.00, they are easy to set up in the book and we can fit a lot of one-liners in the book. Examples of one liners are”

Suzie – Best of luck at the AHS Cabaret / Mom and Dad   = 53 characters spaces

Louis – Remember to stop playing when all the others do / Joe    = 62 characters spaces

To the B’s – Knock’em dead. Best of luck / Suzie Q.    = 51 characters spaces

(The producers of the ad book reserve the right not to publish any material that may be construed to be offensive or inappropriate.)

13.    Mr. B. has plenty of ad books from last year. You should use last year’s book to show potential sponsors what the ad book is. You can also use it to identify the businesses and organizations that have been supporting the Ad Book fundraiser

14.    Your money, ad material and ad form MUST be in an envelope when you give it to Mr. B. or Mr. Ouellette. Remember to put your name on the envelope as well as on the ad form.

15.    This year we expect 1500 guests to attend the three shows. You may want to point this out to the potential sponsors. Also note that the books do get circulated to many more people because of the personal “one-liner” ads.

16.    We are providing a note for sponsors to use at their place of business. After they buy an ad, offer them one of the notes to place in a window or other location. This will indicate to other students that this business has already bought an ad.

Have a great day!

Mr. B