Saturday, January 28, 2012

Semester II - Jetzt geht's los! Part I

Crazy! ! 
Semester II has begun, actually we'll be in full swing starting on Monday January 30.
There is a lot coming by way of the music department so this blog may consist of  many parts.
I'm pretty excited about teaching Honors Music Theory this semester - I'll be just a little busy so if I don't get back to your emails please be patient! I want to incorporate technology in both the Honors Theory and Jazz, possibly Symphonic (as a pilot program).

Practice logs are up for Jazz, Period DE (Symphonic) and Period J (Concert) bands. Parents please make certain that your child passes in those practice logs I would hate for them to have an  FC   (Fail Competency)  just because the assignments were not handed in.

Soooo, this week (Thurs. Feb )  is our FOM General Meeting @ 7:00 p.m.  in the music room. I'm certain that Mr. Guessferd, our president will have some information about the upcoming Pasta Palooza event on (Feb. 11), Cabaret ticket sales, (Feb 14)  and the Quebec Trip just to name a few agenda items.  Regarding TRI M - once we receive our cords, certificates et al from NAfME the official date will be set.

Feb. 2-4 is the NHMEA Jazz All State Festival & Conference which will be held at Windham HS in Windham NH. Hopefully, many of you will take a ride down RT 111 East on Saturday (1:00 p.m.) to support those students who are performaing. If you will be participating in the NHMEA Jazz All State Festival below are the final details (one more time).

Below is a synopsis of the letter I sent out to those students who are participating. 

Please bring your luggage, music, number 2 pencils, your 2012 Jazz All-State Student’s schedule, a light snack and concert attire that morning – I will designate an area for your belongings.
Guitar/Bass Players – AMPS, extra sets of strings, extra patch cords, extension cord etc.
Drummers - Sticks, mallets, any alternate percussion needed for the music. I will coordinate with Mrs. Francoeur from West as to what we will bring regarding drum set, hardware, cymbals, rug etc

We will leave school by bus, to register at the hotel on Thursday February 2, 2012 at 2:30 p.m. The hotel is the Holiday Inn, 1 Keewaydin Dr.  Salem, NH.  (603) 893-5511.  We will have a QUICK lunch/dinner in the Salem area – bring money. We will then head to the hotel to register. Immediately following we will proceed to Windham High School for Festival registration, orientation and rehearsals. We must be at Windham no later than 4:30 p.m., the rhythm section needs to set up.

The Saturday concert will be held at Windham High School Auditorium @ 1:00 p.m. Afterwards, you may leave with your parents. 

A reminder about NHMEA Jazz All State Concert Dress:

CHOIRS: Black pants or skirt (knee length or longer with regular nylons), white shirt or blouse, and dark socks with dress shoes and ties for the guys

BANDS:  Guys - Dark pants, light colored dress shirt, tie, suit jacket, dark socks and dress shoes.
Ladies - : Black pants or skirt (knee length or longer with regular nylons), light colored blouse. Dress shoes

All music and folders will be collected at the conclusion of the concert. 

Tuesday February 7 is the final meeting for Germany.  Jazz Band  Parents - if you have a financial obligation  that needs to be met that evening please contact my office for balances and details.
Many of you have received envelopes with Pasta Palooza tickets, please remember there is a short window to sell and return the tickets.  Band students who were absent on Thursday please see me for your envelopes. Chorus students please see Mrs. Beaton. 

NHMEA All State Participants -remember to return your registration and health forms by Tuesday January 31. 

There is so much more to write about - it will have to wait until tomorrow!

Have a great Saturday Night! Mrs. B and I are off to play board games and have some munchies :-)

Mr. B

PS - To my son Dan, if you're reading this Happy Birthday!