Friday, November 4, 2011

Quebec Information - Revisted November 4, 2011

Due to the power outages, mass confusion, lost mail, and everyone stressing out (including me)  . I have reissued the information (see below)  for those choral and instrumental students who wish to attend the music department trip in April.
All forms will need to be returned with the committment deposit by Thursday November 10, 2011.

Regular monthly payments will remain the same.  Hope this helps!
Mr. B

October 5, 2011

Dear Parents of Alvirne Singers, B Naturals, Band, Jazz Band and Treble Choir.
The annual music department trip is tentatively scheduled for April 21-24, 2012 - our destination is Quebec City. There are still many details to work out with regards to international travel. I still have not been able to confirm if students will need passports or if two forms of identification will be needed because we are an educational student travel group.

I will do my best have this “officially” answered before November 11, 2011.

This trip is optional for participation and is subject to school regulations as well as school board approval. The estimated cost is $650.00 per person.

Monies earned by students through fundraising or by parents, family and friends wishing to make a tax deductible donation will be put into the Trip Scholarship Fund. Trip scholarships will be awarded based on a student’s participation in fundraising, parent’s participation in fundraising and *financial need.

Parents may of course make payments for the direct benefit of the student. These payments are not considered tax deductible charitable donations.

A trip commitment of $100.00 (check made payable to AHS-FOM) will be due by Monday October 31, 2011. NEW DATE - Nov. 10, 2011

The following is a trip payment schedule for your convenience:

November 18, 2011 $ 100.00

December 16, 2011 $ 100.00

January 20, 2012 $ 100.00

February 17, 2012 $ 100.00

March 19, 2012 $ 100.00

April 15, 2012 (Mandatory Parent Meeting – balance due)


Mr. Gerry Bastien, District Coordinator

* As in previous years, due to the sensitive nature and confidentiality issues - financial needs are discussed between the director, parents and student.

** Please familiarize yourself with the new Friends of Music Financial Assistance Policy (enclosed)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -Cut along the dotted line- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Check one

_____ Please designate this check towards the Trip Scholarship Fund

_____ This payment is to go directly towards my student’s account for the trip.

Student’s Name: _______________ _____________________


Alvirne High School Music Department

Gerry Bastien, District Coordinator

Elizabeth Beaton, Choral Director

200 Derry Rd

Hudson, NH 03051

Tel 886-1265 Email


Please return this trip commitment page with your payment.

Dear Mr. Bastien.

Yes! My parents/legal guardian and I have read the previous pages and understand that -

The annual band trip is a serious commitment and we are willing to submit a $100.00 *non- refundable cash/check deposit no later than October 31, 2011.  NEW DATE - Nov. 10, 2011

It is also understood that all additional monies paid or earned are forfeited if notice of non-participation is not given by the December 16, 2011 installment.


Student’s Name (Please Print)

____________________________________ _________

Student’s Signature DATE

____________________________________ ________

Parent/Legal Guardian’s Signature DATE

*If there is enough money in your child’s trip scholarship account and you wish the deposit to be deducted from the account please indicate.

____________ Yes, there is enough money in my child’s trip scholarship

(check off here) account and I would like to have the deposit deducted.

**If you are uncertain of your child’s trip scholarship account balance please email


Please return this CHAPERONE TRIP COMMITMENT page with your payment.

Dear Mr. Bastien.

YES! I/we would like to be considered as a chaperone. I/we understand that space is limited and it is a first come, first serve basis. I/we also understand that as a trip chaperone I/we are obligated to participate in “helping out” with various Music Department and/or Friends of Music events this school year.

The annual band trip is a serious commitment and I/we are willing to submit a $100.00 non- refundable cash/check deposit no later than October 31, 2011

____________________________________ ____________

Chaperone’s Signature DATE

All chaperones are subject to the same payment schedule as students.

2011-2012 AHS FOM Fundraising/Volunteer Commitment Statement

The Alvirne High School Friends of Music (FOM) charter includes the following:

• General financial support that supplements the school district budget.

• To make every endeavor possible to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to participate in the program activities due to financial need.

This year, to encourage student fundraising as well as volunteerism by all families, the Alvirne High School Friends of Music will provide a contribution toward each student’s trip scholarship fund as follows:

• FOM will match a portion of the amount that each student earns in fundraising activities up to an amount that will be determined once the location and amount of the cost of the 2011-2012 trip is finalized.

• The matching amount is contingent upon the family of the student contributing a minimum of 5 hours of FOM volunteer time no later than April 1, 2012 (the date of the final Cabaret performance). Five hours of volunteer time shall be the amount required per family regardless of how many siblings are participating in the program.

• Students who have committed to the trip must also participate in volunteer hours along with fundraising endeavors. Types of volunteer hours: car washes, performances that are indicated “volunteer”, setting up for performances, tearing down for performances, etc.