Sunday, October 2, 2011

AHS v. Dover & GILLETTE STADIUM Performance Weekend

Busy, Busy, Busy....That pretty much sums up the weekend of September 30-Oct 1!

During the school day of this past week the DE Period and J Period bands were busy making final changes and adjustments to our marching show. The Wednesday night rehearsal was business as usual, and a very well done "focused" session. Our student musicians/performers need to be complimented on their ability to be flexible as truly, the main focus of this week was on our Gillette Stadium performance at the Revolution Soccer Game on Saturday. NOW, I don't want to take anything away from our Friday Night Performance at the Alvirne v. Dover game. The band and colorguard came together with their fundamentals; roll stepping, back marching, shifting  in anticipation of "THE MAIN EVENT".
Did I mention that we performed at Gillette Stadium on Saturday October 1 for the 16th Annual High School night? !? (just kidding).

Where do I our performers know, Friday night after the game I had my "serious" face on...NOW, freshman it doesn't mean I don't love you BUT when Mr. B is in the "performance, focused mode" he takes no prisoners. The upper classmen know my love for Jack Bauer - say no more!

I want to start off by giving HUGE kudos to Mr. Chris McNally for basically being my right hand man. He allowed me to focus on what I should be doing - being the band director and getting our students to the level of excellence that makes this legacy what it is. We dealt with more curve balls then the Red Sox saw in their last 9 games.  Missy McNally I want to say"Thank You" for sharing your husband with the Alvirne High Band Program.  Bob and Mimi Guessferd, WOW! your support for the program is unwavering. Many parents don't realize "the behind the scenes" and what it takes to make an event like this happen and you guys were phenomenal. Special thanks goes out to a former FOM band parent alum, Mr. Leo Francouer who saved the day with getting us the rental  truck we needed to transport all the equipment down to Foxboro. Again, no one knows about the trials and tribulation with the truck rental this weekend. Let me just say it would have been tough wheeling the equipment down RTE 95 South.

 I am so blessed with the parent support base for our program. Everyone who helped load that truck THANK YOU!  Ladies and gentlemen you were totally amazing, Ken, Carol,  John, Dave, Chris, Deb W, Deb V, Elizabeth, Jerry, TJ Hulbert (talk about student leadership), Denise, Sherry, Allyson for her photography during the entire process as well as Joe. Dave our web master for the video and  Mike O'Keefe and the local access cable crew!  Anyone else that I don't remember who helped because it was just so overwhelming with excitement and enthusiasm.   Mr. Debrecini don't worry the Salem Band Show isn't as hectic, because it's about THE BANDS as life should be :-)

The most special  Kudo of all - to my bride,  Mrs. B- I married an ANGEL ! ! !  Say no more!

 The day began about 7:00 a.m. finalizing tickets, bus list etc. About noontime we started loading the truck which was quiet a process as we moved the ENTIRE marching band & colorguard; hat boxes, marimba, xylophones, vibraphones, the batterie (drumline), bass drum , chimes, timpanies, bass amp, all the winds and brasses...if we had it, we brought it!  Rob and the First Student Bus Company drivers were GREAT!

Getting to Gillette was effortless, NOW, once we got their well let's just say that logistically there were many challenges. Again, it was all about the curve balls.  After unloading the truck, getting final instructions from our contact person(s) at Gillette we entered the stadium for a "dress rehearsal"

All I can say WOW! WE WEREN'T IN KANSAS!  So surreal, so awesome, HEY KIDS, can you see the hairs standing on my arms as I write this?!?  We were in Gillette stadium the home of the New England Patriots and the Revolution. After the dress rehearsal,  one of our seniors commented  "I'm standing on the 50 yard line where Tom Brady sweats!"
Jim, a staff member accompanying us at Gillette commented about a high school marching band at the recent  Patriots game and in comparison  everything about the AHS Bronco Marching Band and Cologuard was "CLASS"! and the band as Rachel (Gillette staff) commented  "This is what we're looking for  -they look and sound great!" We had many Gillette staff members stop us and pass on  compliments  - I LOVED IT!

I saw many band and colorguard parents and former band members who came to Gillette in support of the half time show - I KNOW YOU GUYS had a GREAT TIME and I'll leave it at that :-) 
Let's inundated the HLN with "Thumbs up!" about this great weekend performance event. 

Let the games begin - a lot went on before our performance but at the 25 minute mark, the pit, and pit crew headed down to the field the  the band and colorguard followed at the 35 minute mark. The 45 minute mark came, Rachel cued us and onto the Gillette Stadium field to the "Professional Announcement"

Heather, Kelly and Matt  (Drum Majors) and all the student musicians and performers of the Alvirne High School Marching Band and Colorguard
It may not be today, tomorrow or a week from now BUT in a few years a smile will come on to your face as you relate the stories about the day that YOU performed at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Ma. Enjoy the memory!

Love you guys - Mr. B (feeling emotionally overwhelmed!)

One final note (no pun intended). While we were having some down time before leaving the stadium a group of young ladies from New Bedford, MA High School  came up and  asked if they could take a picture with the band students who were hanging out. 
The reason - "We love your hats, they are soooooo cool" 

In closing, I would like to thank Mr. Andy Soucy, band director and Alvirne Alum 1968 from Londonderry High School - I won't share his text with you, all I can say - I love being a BRONCO!

Broncos  Forever !

Mr. B

PS -  Matt, is it true that the Drum Major uniform is a chick magnet ? :-)