Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Daze Week of September 12, 2011

Well, I am trying to write this blog on Monday nights but last night I was a little busy (go Pats) and needed some down time away from emails, facebook (that I rarely look at) and just computer technology in general. Here I am listening to KJAZZ out of California State University, Long Beach. Just heard Moanin' what a great tune!

I want to start by saying how proud I am of the Alvirne High School Bronco Marching Band and Colorguard students — not only did they play/march well at the 9/11 Commemorative Ceremony at Bensons but their behaviour was above reproach. I received a number of emails complimenting our students. What a feeling to be marching towards the 9/11 dedication area and have people clapping and cheering as the police and fire personal were making way for the band - just a feeling that I cannot express. Everyone will be happy to know that the students who did not fare well during the ceremony are back today 100% and ready to prepare for Friday night's opening show. I want to thank the EMT's for taking exceptional care of our students. There were so many aspects of community yesterday I just can't believe it. Our FOM parents - YOUR ROCK! Yes, it's truly about the kids! Special Kudos to our FOM president Mr. Guessferd for "scouting out" the area-made my job a lot easier. Mr. McNally and all the "official" and "unofficial" chaperones I can't say enough - thank you! After I write this I'm going to look at the pictures and maybe write a few captions (my favorite thing to do).

As I mentioned earlier in the blog - this week is our first outing. YES, we will be playing all 3 tunes for the half time show. Tomorrow night is what I call a "silent rehearsal" there is only one voice that will be heard and that is the voice of the guy who is typing this blog! We will be working phrase by phrase, combining various sets, tightening up the fundamentals and figuring "how to" get off the field. Lots to do, little time to do it in so that we can look and sound GREAT for our first game.

A couple of reminders to parents - don't forget this Saturday is the pancake breakfast at Applebees. You will need tickets, all proceeds go into your student's fundraising activity account so get all those relatives, and neighbors to buy tickets from you and head out to Applebees in Nashua for pancakes. Afterwards, stop by Alvirne and get your car washed and help support the Alvirne High School Jazz Band "Euros for Europe" campaign.

Holiday Pies - sell, sell, sell!

Remember, this is the final week to purchase the show shirt so don't be left out! During the weekend I will be writing about the upcoming Revolution soccer game and the details you need to know.
- Keep coming back for more blog updates.

There has been some confusion about practice logs. Edline has been changed and I'm having some difficulty navigating through it. I will be making hard copies until I can figure everything out. Students can pick their practice logs by my office. I will be very lenient this week with regards to last week's practice logs as there was a lot of difficulty in downloading them from Edline. Students will still need to hand them in but they will not be penalized as long as they are all in by Friday.

Hope to see everyone at the game Friday night. Students need to report by 6:00 p.m., Student athletes need to get to the game ASAP. Remember, eat and drink water first then find Mrs. Bastien to let you in the music room so that you can put on your uniform, hat and those lovely Dinkles.

Mr. B