Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday Football, Euros for Europe and School Daze Week of 9/19/11

Ok, it's Sunday and a little late to write about Friday night football but not really. Tonight was the first chance I had to visit and view the video and various pictures. WOW, we had a busy weekend! Let me begin by saying that I was very proud of the AHS Bronco Marching Band and Colorguard for their first outing. Remember, we only had 2 full rehearsals.

Tomorrow, we will be viewing the show in class and working on our first ensemble critique. There should be a lot to write about. In my first viewing some things that we need to focus on: the details in marching like roll stepping and shifting. The opening of Jump was good, everyone stepped off together. Musically, the front ensemble (aka. the pit) needs to listen back to the band as there was some musical phasing. Hitting spots together at the end of a phrase is so important - it really gives an impact to the show. Shifting will help, your body will follow where your feet take it. Set 14-15 (4:32) we need to revisit what straight lines should look like. Again, at the 4:45 mark as well. Safety Dance - ENTHUSIASM is needed when spelling out S A F E T Y! I noticed a certain trombone player (not in uniform) having difficulty knowing where to go...check out a certain trumpet player at 5:50 minute. Musically there are some issues that need to be addressed especially in the triads and the tuning of those triads. Seniors during the dance SMILE - you are as exciting as watching paint dry.... at minute 7:39 there are some back marching issues,we need to stay together. The right side of the letter A in S A F E T Y needs to be fixed, can you say "align the diagonal". Whose the sax player at the 8:21 minute scratching their nose?....ooooh, i'll take the hit on that as I did not remind the band during mini band camp, band camp and Wednesday night practice that if a 500 pound bubble bee lands on your nose during the show DON'T MOVE! Set 31 again the back marching needs a lot of work. Stepping off at minute 9:19 is questionable. Percussion when you come down to the front please MARCH just don't walk down there with your drums. Pass throughs - yep, you know we'll revisit those on Wednesday night. Colorguard, we need to revisit some of your coordinates particularly in Final Countdown.
That is just a quick overview as I didn't have a lot of time to watch the video thoroughly this weekend. Hopefully before Wednesday I'll have a laundry list of things we need to fix and FOCUS on as I'm certain that everyone will as they craft their ensemble critiques.

Kudos to the members of the jazz band and their "Euros for Europe" endeavor. Saturday, turned out to be pretty good. In fact, some of our customers came by and paid us in EUROS, pretty cool! I heard the pancake breakfast at Applebees went well. Save November 12 Saturday as the next Pancake Breakfast. Unfortunately, we will not be doing a car wash that day :-)

This week I will finalize all the information for the Gillette Stadium performance on October 1 and also the Salem Band Show information on October 8. I can't believe that in 2 weeks we will be performing where the Patriots bet San Diego today! Parents, please remember that Thursday September 22 is the final day to have your student turn in their pie fundraiser forms. I have asked Mr. Landry of CSL tours (this is our trip tour company) to look into the situation in regards to passports and student travel.

Ensemble critiques will be handed out tomorrow and also will be on line (once I figure out how to upload on the new edline format). Practice logs for 9/12-9/16 are also due. Jazz Band, your log MUST be handed in tomorrow, Symphonic/Winds and Concert Band remember it's a 5 point a day penalty and if your practice log is not handed in by 9/23 you are out of luck!

Time to call it a night- I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed some family time.

Mr. B