Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ensemble Critiques

Edline is being updated, so just in case you I can't get onto edline this evening to post the ensemble critique here it is below.
Remember to review the Friday night football game on the website. If everyone remembers to shift the majority of the show is fixed - therefore SHIFT!
Mr. B

Alvirne High School Music Department
Ensemble Critique # 1
Alvirne v. Merrimack
September 16, 2011

Assignment Summary:

Your assignment is to view and critique our musical performance from September 16, 2011

This assignment is due by the end of the school day on Friday September 23, 2011.

Hand written papers will not be accepted!
Don’t wait until the last minute to do it!

To critique specific strengths and weakness of our marching show and give suggestions to improve upon the weaknesses and bring forth the strengths.

Writer’s Role: You have been hired by Mr. Bastien as a consultant to review the marching show of September 16, 2011. You will critique the formations in Jump, Safety Dance & Final Countdown
Include the writer’s role in your opening paragraph (10 points)

Audience: Mr. Bastien and the Alvirne High School Band & Colorguard for 2011

Form: 3 paragraph essay


1. Paragraph 1 – Identify 3 specific strengths of the drill.
Specify with drill sets and counts. (15 pts).

2. Paragraph 2 - Identify 3 specific weaknesses of the drill.
Specify with drill sets and counts. (15 pts).

3. Paragraph 3 - Conclude with 3 strategies for improving each weakness (60 pts)

BE SPECIFIC IN YOUR EXAMPLES – generalities will get marked down!
This paper will cover Competency 3 and is worth 100 points. Late papers will be marked down 5 points per day! Grammar and spelling count!

Papers will not be accepted after September 23, 2011 (NO EXCUSES!)


NB. Don’t write- the band needs to practice roll stepping – describe “How To” roll step.
Don’t write – the band needs to dress their lines – describe “How To” or “What does it mean to dress their lines.
Don’t write – the band needs to use its peripheral vision – describe peripheral vision