Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Band Camp 8/16/11 Is it going to rain?!?

Dodging raindrops, moving equipment on and off the field and working on our sound system for DR. Beat - that was day 2 of band camp.

That being said, we were able to finish JUMP sets 1-15, add some "special movements", work on the up beats and look at the melodic rhythms in Safety Dance. There is still a lot of work to do particularly with the fundamentals of roll stepping, back marching and shifting.

Fundamental concepts seem to get lost when we add the music to the motion. Hopefully tomorrow some of that will be rectified and with repetition things will come easier.

Congratulations to Senior Chelsea Dube for winning the "school basket". Everyday we will have a drawing for that something special. It was also great seeing more alum, Cara, Sam, Ashley. Roland, thanks for all the help with moving the front ensemble instruments in and out of the music room.

Ryan - a very special "Thank You" for all your sectional help.

Tomorrow our focus will be to clean up the fundamental movements of Jump and Safety Dance as well as incorporate Music and Motion. I would like to remind all our band camp students who are reading this to make certain that their dot books are up to date now that we have the show on line.

I hope everyone has had a great time checking out the pictures and captions on the web site.

Thursday is picture day, please read all about it on this website. Don't forget that the AHS Store for band apparel is opened - again, check out the various announcements and blogs.

It's late, so I'm going to call it a night.

Mr. B