Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Permission Form

Below is the Band Camp permission form or download the form.
Please return this form at your uniform fitting or bring it to a Wednesday ngiht (optional) rehearsal. All forms need to be in my office no later than July 20, 2011.
Thank You for taking care of this detail.
Mr. B

June 29, 2011

(Please return this form by July 20, 2011 – thank you.)

I give my permission to my child______________________________________

To participate in Band Camp at Alvirne High School l from August 15-19, 2011
I shall also arrange transportation for my child to and from Alvirne High School during band camp days.

I also give permission for my child to leave campus for lunch YES _______ NO______

Signature of Parent/Guardian:____________________________

Date: _________________

Telephone Number: ___________________________________


VERY IMPORTANT: Please list any known medical problems:

In the event my child, ________________________should suffer an injury or experience an illness which appears to require immediate medical attention, then I authorize, and give my permission, to the school band director, band personal and/or chaperones to seek medical attention for my child either by calling for medical transportation or taking my child to the nearest emergency room physician or health maintenance organization which can provide medical services to my child.

_____________________________ ____________
Parent/Guardian Signature Date