Monday, June 27, 2011


June 28, 2011

Dear veteran band, colorguard members and “newbies”,

I would like to start off by saying “Thank You” to all who have been able to make the marching music “read through”. For those who could not attend I have enclosed, a CD with the music for the fall show you will need to learn all tunes by heart before band camp! An updated schedule will be posted as well as my blog will be up on the website
Again, read your schedule and do the best you can to make summer rehearsals!

The show music on the CD is:

Jump (Van Halen) - Straight Forward 80’s Rock , Some interesting rhythms – work on keeping everything clean and separated.

Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) – I will be making some changes to the intro so that we can spell out the word SAFETY and Seniors be ready to dance  and maybe the rest of the band as back up dancers. There will also be a drum feature in the middle.
Many changes in this tune so get the basic tune down.

Final Count Down ( Europe/arr. Higgins) Your parents will love remember the great “Hair Days”

F.A. Q. How do I learn my marching music by heart?
You need to practice through the summer! Practice your concert scales C-Ab. Look for patterns and learn the parts that are alike! I will be going over helpful hints to learn this music at the optional summer rehearsals.

Percussion check your schedule for rehearsals, drumline summer practices are mandatory!

Look for another mailing in July. Check the website and my blog detailing information about band camp, the Londonderry Old Home Days Parade, the Allenstown/Pembroke Parade.
I will be cutting down on mailings.

I am looking forward to seeing the veteran band members and making friends and memories with our new freshman and upperclassmen.
Section leaders – letters will be mailed out after the July 4th Holiday.
The next school year is going to be a fantastic year filled with many great musical, social experiences and excitement.
Remember – Band is a major commitment before the school year and your efforts will not go unnoticed as the school year progresses. MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO BE AT THESE SECTIONALS AND WEDNESDAY NIGHT REHEARSALS (before the start of the school year!).
Please, inform your coaches/work about our schedule. I would recommend that you show your coaches and boss the band camp schedule. I do not object to splitting the time between band and sports –BUT COMMUNICATE! I will explain more in an upcoming letter. If your coaches need to speak to me please have them call or email me 

Thank you for your time and visit our web page at www
Email me directly at


Have a GREAT summer!

Mr. Gerry Bastien
District Coordinator – Music