Monday, January 24, 2011

Important House Bill - House Bill 39

Dear Parents,

I am writing today with great urgency.

If you care about your child’s education in NH, please take a moment to read this brief note.  We each need to get a message to our NH State Representatives right away.

Beginning January 25, 2011, the House Education Committee will conduct its first hearing on House Bill (HB) 39.
If passed, HB 39 will remove Arts Education, Health Education, World Languages, and Technology Education from the current criteria for a “substantive” and “adequate” education for students in New Hampshire. The ramifications will be devastating for music programs, language, and the well-rounded education of your child.
Please contact your local representatives. Testimony is permitted and statements will be accepted via postal or email if you cannot attend in person. Information for contacting your local NH representatives and this committee is located on The bill is posted on this website and will also be available on
The first hearing by the House Education Committee
Tuesday, January 25, at 10:30 AM
Room 207 of the Legislative Office Building, Concord
(directly behind the State House)

Remember, testimony is permitted and written statements may also be submitted at the hearing, or via postal mail or e-mail. Our children deserve a better education than this.
District 27

Ralph G Boehm : 6 Gibson Dr , Litchfield,  NH ,    03052-2301

Randall S Brownrigg : 2 Little Hales Lane , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-5070

Lars T Christiansen : PO Box 171 , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-0171

Shaun S Doherty : 105 Bush Hill Rd , Pelham,  NH ,    03076-3005

Laura J Gandia : Three Chamberlin Dr , Litchfield,  NH ,    03052-2464

Robert H Haefner : 1 St. John Street , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3733

Shawn N Jasper : 83 Old Derry Rd , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3017

George A Lambert : 3 Lydston Lane , Litchfield,  NH ,    03052-8017

Jonathan S Maltz : 28 Chagnon Lane , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3432

Russell T Ober : 3 Heritage Circle , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3410

Lynne M Ober : 3 Heritage Circle , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3410

Andrew Renzullo : 2 Heritage Circle , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-3428

Jordan G Ulery : PO Box 15 , Hudson,  NH ,    03051-0015