Monday, October 25, 2010

NHMEA Jazz All State Auditions

Where do I start!

As Mr. Lane said a couple of years ago during the opening of school – we need to celebrate what is good!

This weekend there was a lot of “What is Good” especially about our Alvirne High School Community.

After the audition day I realized how important it is to (after an event like this) sit back and reflect. Sometimes we don’t realize what we truly have.– I’m not saying it’s always the best and facilities wise, well this blog could go on for a long time :-) but there is “something special” about Hudson and especially Alvirne High School.

We as the Alvirne High School Community received soooooooooo many positive comments and compliments from 400 + students and directors representing 38 high schools throughout New Hampshire. Mr. Lane's letter of support to host this event, Jerry Michaud and the custodians doing a little extra cleaning (There was a young lady from Memorial High School in Manchester told one of my parents that “I can’t believe there is no graffiti in the bathrooms!”), Chef for his preparation of checkers for the adjudicators and directors and everyone who was supportive and understanding about room use. The cafeteria administration, Cara Sevigny for working the tally room. The list goes on! The voc center was a hit with our bank and a sneak peek inside of John Conrad’s room “WOW! You build houses here!” and directors telling their students “They have cows!”
Special kudos are definitely being sent to you my FOM parents (we even had a valet bus service happening) and finally to the 50+ music students who stayed ALL DAY and took on the jobs of announcers and runners. The adjudicators were in awe of our kids and the 1st class treatment they along with the directors received at Alvirne. Dick Maynard, retired music teacher from West looked at me and said “it’s a machine!” He remembers what our music department was like 15 years ago !
YES! Alvirne High School truly made an impression on all fronts. In speaking with Mike Adams (Pinkerton Academy), the Jazz Auditions Chair I mentioned a couple of things I would change if we hosted the auditions again and he said - You mean when, don’t you?”

Again, on behalf of Mrs. Beaton and myself thank you for all your support !

Mr. B

PS. Here is an email that I receive today from Mr. Ken Clark, (Timberlane HS) Jazz All State Chairperson

Gerry & Liz,

I just wanted to thank you both for hosting the statewide jazz auditions on Saturday. I have never seen anything as well run in my life. What a great group of students and parent volunteers. Every time I turned around there were five volunteers for every one job! It’s the opposite of what usually happens. Your ability to get that kind of help is a testament to the respect that your kids and parents have for you guys.

What a class act! Very impressive!

Thanks you!