Saturday, November 7, 2009

Senior Band/Colorguard Night(Alvirne Whips Owls and makes Div.II playoffs) 11/6/09

I woke up this morning or should I say a conscious stream of thought to write this blog woke me up. It is those times that I wish I had a tape recorder as I was pontificating in my own mind. Yesterday evening was a roller coaster of emotions for me. The Alvirne Band and Colorguard is closing a chapter. Another marching season is coming to a close (almost) our football team, made the play offs - more to come on that later in this blog. Last night, was the final home football game but it was also senior night. Our seniors gave a rose to their moms, pictures were taken and it was a bitter sweet moment. I got a little emotional (inside) when a couple of parents came up to me and said - "8 years"- that's all they needed to say - and my mind flashed back with memories - particularly of these parents and alum parents, - how much time we have spent together making the band program at Alvirne what it is. I want to say "Thank You" to all the seniors for a great 4 years- so many memories, wise remarks, tirades, philosophical bantering, playing great music (and some not so great) band shows, band camp and most of all my true stories. I could go on with a list from here to South Hudson :-)

The following are those special students in the band and colorguard we call seniors: Lindsey Bruce, Tim Cerato, Anthony Condo (Drum Major),Ronnie Falcone, Jake Galloway, Olivia Gilbert, Shawn Gould, Ashley Greenwood, Vanessa Grigas, Kyle Grugan, Matt Haefner, Tim Harper, Caitlyne Hebert, Shawna Holt, Emily LaPlant, Kira Leclair, Sarah Leclerc, Victoria Long, Gina Lupoli, Neil McCarthy, Nikia Quesnel, Cameron Stoughton, Jenna Vaclavik and Cira Watson.

As I said emotions for me were running! It was great seeing so many alumni band students come by the track and visit and parents in the stands, all the parent volunteers as excited about this final event as I am. It was especially exciting for me to see my son Dan (1995 Alum) and his girlfriend Liz visiting from Maryland (tomorrow morning we'll be going out to breakfast to my favorite "greasy spoon"restaurant in Manchester). They got a chance to see the show "live" instead of through the eyes of "You Tube" and we got a chance to go out after the game and catch up from their visit this past summer. The excitement of the game was great! I must say I was a little disappointed with the 4th quarter behavior. I'm the first guy to have fun but not at the cost of the discipline we work so hard to achieve. Enough said!!!

Speaking of the play offs- YES, Mr. Lane (Principal) has asked that the band/cologuard travel to the play offs next week. I will have more specifics on Monday. BG v. Exeter is playing tonight at 7:00 p.m. so that will determine who we play next Saturday and at what time.

Other news - the 4th quarter has ended - I will be upgrading all my gradequick grades in the next couple of days. The good news is that with all the "flu like" sickness, I will extend getting late work until Wednesday for full credit - after Wednesday "That's it!"
Don't forget your practice logs are due this Monday and I will post new practice logs on Edline (once I figure it out) and on this site (once i figure it out). I love technology and going green.
Finally, (almost) thank you to Mrs. Jutras for taking senior pictures last night and candids. Look for them on our website in the next couple of days. There will be a "snail mailing" this week with a 1st quarter wrap up as well as what is coming up in the next quarter with regards to performances etc. Everything is also posted on the website but I am still skeptical as to "how many" parents get a chance to read or are just "emailed/website/blogged out".
Have a great weekend!
Mr. B

PS . If LB (Alum 2008) is reading this - our prayers and thoughts are with you!