Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yankee Candle Fundraising Event

Dear Band, Choral, Colorguard Student and Parents,

October 8th, 2009 marks the beginning of our Yankee Candle Fund-Raising event. Watch for the order form and brochures. If you need additional order forms, they are on the oak desk by Mr. Bastien’s office.

Now is the time to tell your customers to order for the Holiday Season.

This fundraising event is an 80/20 split of the profit. This means that 80% of the profit (40%) will go into the Trip Scholarship Account to help defray your portion of the trip, and 20% of the profit will be put into the Friends of Music general fund. If you are not going on the trip this year but you know that next year you will be traveling with the music groups, there is no time like the present to put money in your account.

Our sale dates are 10/8/09 – 10/21/09

Be certain to fill out all the information on the front of the envelope and on the order form:

  • School /Organization is: AHS Band
  • Group/Team/Room Number is: AHS Band
  • Chairperson is: Carol Brauza
  • Payment is due when the order is placed.
Make all checks payable to: AHS – FOM

All returns (forms and money) need to be in the large envelope supplied by Yankee Candle Fund-Raising – this makes accounting much easier for us. Please be sure to keep the pink copy of the order form and the brochures – this will help you to identify the items at delivery time.

All orders are due by Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009.

Delivery is tentatively scheduled for December 4th. The specific time and place will be confirmed once the orders have been submitted. After delivery, it is extremely important that you check your order to make sure that it is complete. We have had issues in the past with missing or broken items, and we must report this information to Yankee Candle as soon as possible to ensure that replacement items can be delivered in time for Christmas. A form will be provided at delivery to report problems with your order.

If you have any questions please call or email Carol Brauza at 598-5274, or Michelle Champion at 883-4424,

NOW – GO AND SELL! Make every home in Southern New Hampshire have the wonderful scent of a Yankee Candle!

Fragrantly yours,

Carol Brauza and Michelle Champion