Thursday, October 29, 2009

School Daze 10/29/09

Hi Everyone,
I'm still a little under the weather-no flu or HINI just annual sinus issues.
The Spaghetti with Meatballs and lots of garlic didn't do the trick but sure did taste good :-)
I'm glad I went to school today - I miss it when I'm not teaching. Jazz Band was a pleasant surprise-thanks to our Seniors and Officers who helped the sub yesterday.
I and J bands came together after school today for their first combined rhearsal.
To eveyone who made the effort- THANK YOU! All "Hard Copy" critiques have been read and corrected, my next venture is to read the email critiques. I will correct these right on line and email them back to you before the end of the weekend.
Practie Logs will officially begin - I will have a folder on EDLINE and I will include the log in this blog. Ohhhh, I just made a rhyme LOG/BLOG - OK, you know I'm under the weather that was pretty corny.
The November Instrumental Calendar is also completed - I will forward the instrumental calendar to Mr. Stoughton to put up on this website. Also, check out EDLINE as I will also post it on that site.
Remember, no game this weekend - if you go out trick a treating BE SAFE!
Happy Halloween,
Mr. B

Band 2009-2010
Weekly Practice Journal
Due: 11/9/09 (Monday)


MON____ TUES___ WED____ THURS__ FRI ___ SAT___ SUN____ TOTAL _______

Grading: 100-105 minutes =100 points
95-99 minutes = 95 points
90-94 minutes = 90 points
85-89 minutes = 85 points
80-84 minutes = 80 points
75-79 minutes = 70 points
Anything below 75 minutes will be awarded “points per minute”
Students who are enrolled in Smart Music will use Smart Music only.

I. Selections and Measures (Competency 2)

II. A brief description as to “Why” you chose those measures (Competency 3) (20 points)


Measures_______________ Reason_______________________________________________

2. .___________________________________

Measures_______________ Reason_______________________________________________


Measures_______________ Reason_______________________________________________


Measures_______________ Reason_______________________________________________

Any other information about your practicing:__________________________________________