Sunday, September 20, 2009

School Daze Week of 9/14/09

Good Evening,

I thought I would sit and write a little about the "going ons'' of last week in the instrumental world of the Alvirne High School Music Department - besides I need a break from reading and grading ensemble critiques from the Period I Band. Tomorrow I'll begin reading the Period J band critiques. Remember, if your critique wasn't in my possession (handing it in during school or by Friday September 19 ,2009 at 11:59 p.m. - you will have a 5 point deduction!) Yeah, I know I said 10 early on during the week but I'll give you all a break because it's the first one.
Anyway, last week was pretty busy,
actually every week is pretty busy. NHMEA Jazz All State applications were due, the jazz band is working on their improvisational chops, Wednesday night was our weekly marching band rehearsal, Thursday night was the football game AHS v Exeter and our 2nd performance at half time. Friday, was critique day and Saturday we marched in the Litchfield 275th Anniversary parade.
I hope you have had time to check out the performances on the website - I, yes ME, actually uploaded - that is upload, not downloaded the Thursday night performance. I would like to give a special "Thank You" to Mr. Lecraw for all his email assistance as my level of frustration ended at 12:08 a.m on Friday. Come to find out that I actually had uploaded the Thursday show even though my computer was giving me an error message. Mr. Lecraw also has his version of the show. Check out the still pictures, there is a great one of Kamau - how photogenic :-)
I have also received a few pictures from Mrs. Jutras and Mr. Mata - I love the Dinkle shots at the Litchfield parade.
Speaking of Litchfield - I have received a few emails from Litchfield residence as well as some of our own Hudson residence - Kudos to everyone! Once again, you demonstrated your pride and class - I appreciate it!
As we begin another week, tomorrow the marching band (period I and J) will focus on details. We need to continue practicing marching in straight lines, and our FUNdamentals!
Jazz Band - we will begin Smart Music (once I purchase that 50' cable for the IMAC).
OK, it's time to sign off and have a little bite to eat as well as finish reading the I period band critiques.

Mr. B