Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Magic Music Days 2010

Imagine performing in a place so special that the memories last a lifetime!

A place where fantasy castles of days gone by, and visions of days yet to come, decorate a make-believe "world" where dreams come true. Alvirne High School will be taking center stage for a moment in time and entertaining people from around the globe.

Performing groups from around the world audition for the honor of being part of the "Disney Show." Alvirne High School was chosen to be part of Disney Magic Music Days at the Walt Disney World® Resort and and to participate in a variety of exciting workshops to enhance any performance.

Disney Magic Music Days participants get a taste of show biz -- Disney style -- as featured performers at the Walt Disney World Resort. It's an experience full of emotions, excitement, pageantry, and pride that is sure to be the highlight of the year and a magical moment to be treasured always.

Over the years, the Magic Music Days programs have grown in popularity so much that it requires a performing group to apply in order to be accepted into the program. Because of Disney's high standard of expectations, it is an tremendous honor for a group to be chosen to participate.

More information is available at Disney.

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Disney Travel Information

The FINAL TRAVEL LIST for Disney has been made!

CSL tours has booked Jet Blue

Leaving Logan Airport Sunday April 25, 2010 (2 flights) 6:29 a.m. and 7:15 a.m.

Leaving Orlando Friday April 30, 2010 (2 flights) 10:57 p.m. and Midnight

If you are interested in tag a long status, it is too early at this time to give you any definite information.

Important documents that must be read, completed, and submitted.

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